Lancaster Montessori School (Casa dei Bambini)
1111 W. Fair Ave, Lancaster OH

What are you looking for in a school for your three- to six-year old child?

Do you want your child to learn life skills, like how to pour a glass of water and how to clean it up if it spills?

Do you want her to read?

Do you want him to understand - really understand - quantities and mathematics?

How to work independently?

How to take legitimate pride in her accomplishments, because she has done something that was fun - but also meaningful?

What if education were more effective ...

... because it was both fun and self-directed?

What would happen if children could explore the world in a way that deliberately stimulated them, enhanced their creativity, and allowed them to discover the world in a way that was natural, and made sense to them?

What if your child could get an education - a real, self-directed, fulfilling education - using a method that has been proven to be successful for over a hundred years - real school that is really fun for children?

There is an educational treasure, right here in Lancaster Ohio:

Lancaster Montessori School.

Established 1970